Recall Notice July 13th, 2023

ECR International, Inc of Utica, New York in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is voluntarily recalling approximately 1764 gas-fired water boilers. These boilers may potentially be missing the Flue Inspection Cover Plate located on the top of the boiler’s flue collector. A missing cover plate was discovered during a routine service call. Not all boilers are impacted. Only boilers manufactured between December 5th 2022 and January 24th 2023 may be affected.

Voluntary Recall for ECR Cast Iron Boilers of the following branded products: Utica Boilers MGB-K, Dunkirk DXL-K, Pennco 15B-K, Green Mountain GMGW-K, Utica Heating UH15B-K, and Columbia MCB-K.

Please carefully read the following information to help determine if your boiler is impacted by this recall. The Boiler Name, Model Number and Serial Number can be found on the boiler rating plate located on the top panel of the boiler. SEE PHOTO


If the Boiler is missing the Flue Inspection Cover Plate; the boiler can emit flue gases creating a carbon monoxide hazard.

Incidences and Injuries

ECR International has received no reports of carbon monoxide leaks or incidences related to this issue, and no injuries or deaths have been reported.


Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately. Consumers with the recalled boilers should immediately contact the installer to schedule a free boiler safety inspection and repair.

Sold By

Plumbing and heating wholesale distributors to plumbers and contractors nationwide from December 5th, 2022 to January 24th, 2023.

Serial Number Ranges

Utica Boilers

  • 402200481s thru 402202693s
  • 012302268s thru 012302566s


  • 392201652s thru 402202738s
  • 012302567s
  • 012302571s


  • 392202597s thru 402202806s
  • 012301918s thru 012303055s

Green Mountain

  • 392201653s thru 402202686s
  • 012301924s thru 012301961s

Utica Heating

  • 392201654s thru 402202800s
  • 012302274s thru 012303099s


  • 402201449s thru 402202214s

Next Steps

If You Are A Homeowner:

Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately. Consumers with a suspected recalled boiler can:

  1. Use the SEARCH above to enter the serial number of your boiler for confirmation.
  2. Contact the installer of your boiler or call our recall hotline at 1-800-241-5501 for assistance.

To view the Customer Safety Recall Notice. CLICK HERE

If a boiler is subject to this recall, ECR cannot send the Field Repair Kit directly to individual homeowners. This repair must be done by your boiler installer or a qualified technician.

Contact our Customer Service Department at our designated toll-free Hot Line, 1-800-241-5501 if your boiler is impacted.

If You Are A Repairing Technician:

ECR Consumer Recall Notice: CLICK HERE

Field Repair Kit Instructions detailing the field fix procedures. CLICK HERE

Sample of Response Card that will be included with each Field Repair Kit. CLICK HERE

Field Repair kits are available at the local distributor the boiler was purchased from or by calling our toll-free Hot Line 1-800-241-5501.

It is extremely important that the installer communicate back to ECR that the boiler has been inspected and if necessary, the Field Repair Kit has been installed. Once inspection and repair are complete, fill out, sign, and mail the postage paid Recall Response Card to ECR for confirmation and labor reimbursement.

Contact our Customer Service Department at our designated toll-free Hot Line if you have any questions, 1-800-241-5501.

If You Are A Distributor:

We ask for your assistance in inspecting your inventory so that we may quickly determine the status of your current inventory. The inspection process can be accomplished by viewing the back of the crated boiler to determine if the cover plate is properly affixed. Boilers that are found to be missing the Flue Inspection Cover Plate will be returned to ECR International for repair. Once inspected and confirmed, those boilers with the cover plate can continue to be sold as they are not impacted.


We apologize for this inconvenience and due to the safety recall we ask for your cooperation in locating any potentially impacted units, either already installed or still within your inventory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at our designated toll-free Hot Line, 1-800-241-5501.

Additional Recall Information